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Failure to register as a sex offender is a crime that carries additional penalties. You should know, however, that failure to register must be willful or intentional. If you are charged with failure to register, the prosecution must be able to prove that you knew you had to register and intentionally avoided doing so.

In the state of Michigan, those who are convicted of sex offenses are required to register at regular intervals with local law enforcement. Failure to register as a sex offender is a crime, and may be charged as a felony. In order to convict you of this offense, the prosecution in Michigan must prove:

1. You were previously convicted or found guilty of a specific sex offense that requires you to register as a sex offender.

2. You resided in Michigan at the time you were supposed to register.

3. You knew you were supposed to register as a sex offender residing at the specific location where you allegedly failed to register. 

If you have been accused of failing to register as a sex offender, retain an experienced Michigan sex crimes defense lawyers. Our criminal defense team includes skilled trial attorneys who are committed to protecting your rights.

We will examine the facts of your case and your reasoning for not registering. Depending on the facts of the case, we may be able to reach an agreement with the prosecutor that will avoid additional penalties if you register right away. If a favorable outcome cannot be negotiated, our extensive trial experience can give you an advantage as we zealously fight for your interests in court. 
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If you are When under investigation or accused of a sex crime, you need aggressive legal representation in Michigan. Our sex crime attorneys defend the following crimes; 

- Rape and sexual assault, including CSC 1, 2nd degree, 3rd degree & 4th Criminal Sexual Conduct.

- Statutory rape (one of the actors is under age 16 (the legal age of consent)
- Indecent exposure such as public urination, public nudity (flashing breasts etc.), lewd behavior in public.

- Offer to engage &  Prostitution
- Failure to Register as Sex Offender

Romeo & Juliet Sex Offenders
As of July 1, 2011, Romeo & Juliet laws adopted in Michigan may exempt minors and other individuals convicted of statutory rape from public sex offender registration.  To qualify for removal under "Romeo and Juliet," the victim must have been at least between the ages of 13 and 16 and the offender no more than four years older. The sex must have been consensual, and the offender must not have additional sex offense convictions after the original offense.

Under the new law, individuals convicted of having consensual sex with an individual under age 16, the age of consent, will not have to register as a sex offender.